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plus 2000 Postcards and Your Vehicle Graphics...One Low Price!


Business or Pleasure? We can wrap your car with your company image or we can change the color to one of your liking? We can even do both..."A Color Change Ad Wrap!"


Full Color Truck Wraps can be a great way to advertise your company's message or update your truck with a look that reflects your individual interests.


Full Color Trailer Graphic Wraps are a very excellent way to advertise what you are and do. Whether it's motorsports racing, business, pleasure or a hobby you might have. Trailer Wrap and Graphics is your lead to promotional awareness.


Talk about a moving billboard. What a novel idea this can be! Full Color Van Wraps can be a great way to advertise your company's message. Hands down, the best form of advertising that might be already parked in your driveway? Why not let potential prospects know you are in their area ready to do business.


Freshen up that old boat with a full color wrap graphic. We can find a look that will transform drab to something exciting. It might be a boat name to a full boat wrap advertising your charter service or land based company when you are out just having some outdoor fun. Why not advertise everywhere you go... even out on the open water?


Full Color Vehicle Wrap Graphics Explained"

A vehicle wrap is taking a design and or a logo and printing it onto a specialized vinyl material. This printed vinyl is then made into a series of panels to fit your specific application. We then laminate a U/V coating and apply the panels to the vehicle.


Example Graphics Coverage:

Full Wrap 3/4 Wrap 1/2 Wrap 1/4 Wrap Vinyl Graphics

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GRAPHICS COVERAGE... Vehicle wraps come in a variety of sizes. A car wrap typically comes in four types aside from the standard vinyl cut graphic application:

Full Vehicle Wraps

Full Van Wrap Image

- The most popular form of a vehicle wrap. The vehicle is fully covered and is transformed into a advertising machine from all angles.

Three-Quarter Vehicle Wraps

Partial Van Wrap Image

- A great alternative to the full wrap only covers 3/4 of your vehicle. This form of graphic wrap highlights your company and exposes some of your existing vehicle paint.

Half Vehicle Wraps

Partial Truck Wrap Image

- Get's your corporate message out big but at a lower cost.

1/4 Vehicle Wraps

Parcial Car Wrap Image

- Reaches your key market effectively on a budget. Great way to test your new mobile advertising campaign.

Decal Vehicle Wrap

Cut Vinyl Lettering Example Image

- High quality contour cut stickers/decals placed in key areas of your vehicle. For permanent or short-term promotion advertising campaigns.

Vinyl Lettering Wrap

Cut Vinyl Graphics Example Image

- Simple text and logo cut from proven high performance vinyl. Very similar to a decal wrap. Great for keeping it simple and on budget.


Vehicle wraps protect your paint against sun damage, small rock chips and minor abrasions. The vinyl can also be easily removed after your promotion or vehicle turnover. Great for leased vehicles, leaving the vehicle with a showroom finish even after years on the road. IMPRESSIONS... The Transportation Advertising Council after years of research have proven: Vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 – 70,000 daily impressions. DAILY! ...WOW!

Introduction to Vehicle Wraps

Billboards on the sides of buildings or on the hignways or byways are effective form of advertising, but only reach a select avenue of people in a single location. Purchasing an vehicle wrap for a trailer, car, van, or truck, you can exlore your visual impact to more customers for a percentage of the cost. An auto wrap is really a moving billboard that places your message directly in front of your potential clients. Wrapped vehicle stuck in traffic or traveling interstate, your brand and service information is being seen by an array of audiences everyday.

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Wrap Like a King - Avery

Wrap Like a King Artical Image

Vehicle wrap installers from over 53 countries can submit commercial or color change wrap projects with Avery Dennison films to be judged to win prize packages worth a total of $30,000...

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