COVERAGE [Full Wraps]

Oregon Duck Truck Wrap

Full Coverage...hmm? Do I really want to spend my hard earned money on a full vehicle wrap? I get this sort of skepticism all the time, and depending on your budget I might even suggest other coverage options for your situation.

It could make sense to turn down the broadcast a little in the beginning, and test out the waters and see your return on investment first. I totally get it, but I can't tell you how many times I get a call about a wrap I just completed and said my good byes too. “Hey, I just pulled into the gas station and handed out two business cards because of this van wrap!” (Pause) “Dude... I haven't even got to my destination yet!” Gives me a smile every time. Oh, and by the way you might want to order more business cards too. I hand them out in fist fulls all the time.

commercial car wrap

Other than getting a whole lot of attention from your full vehicle wrap you don't have all the permits and fees associated with outdoor advertising. In other words no one telling you that you need to pay them to advertise your brand or company. Yes, contractors and over sized vehicle owners need special licensing like CCB #ers and ODOT compliance, but other than that you are free to do what you want without compromise from a design and review board or some bureaucratic counsel to get their seal of approval. It is quit liberating if you look at it from that point of view... isn't it?

Here are a few examples of full vehicle wraps that we have done in the past. Each have their challenges and how they are being used. Some are looking for a semi-permanent solution, and others can be looking for a temporary campaign driven wrap for a specific event or target product launch. When you give us a call, these are the type of questions I will be asking, because it greatly influences the quote I will be giving to you. Other questions that will probably be asked is:




Trailer Wrap

Now a wrap is just like paint in the case of preparation. The surface needs to be clean and free of dents, dings, chips and cracks. These imperfections will show through just like paint and will greatly influence the look and life of the wrap. It is best to address these details first before a full color wrap investment is made. You want your wrap to look beautiful and professional don't you? I have addressed this issue in another article that can be found here “How to Prepare your car [Vehicle Wrap] “

We will be adding more useful information on the topic of Color Change Wraps soon. The industry is always evolving, and we get so excited when it does. Thanks, and feel free to share this with your friends on social media. Below you will find a share link for your convenience… more to come.

More Coverage Options:

3/4 Wrap 1/2 Wrap 1/4 Wrap Vinyl Graphics