COVERAGE [Half Wraps]

Wow, a half wrapped vehicle never looked so good! These examples of a half wrapped vehicles is just to give you an idea of the coverage. Now, I didn't get my pencil and calculator out to figure out with precision if these examples were exact. They should be a close ratio to graphics to paint exposure.

The advantage here is for the budget minded and still have the impact of a full wrapped vehicle. Most of these type of vehicle wraps is what I like to call a hybrid wrap. Combining printed wrap film and simple cut vinyl to cover the vehicle simulating a vehicle wrap. Sometimes we will just print the graphic leaving the message out and then go back to overlay after the graphic has been installed. This lets you “knowing or unknowing” change your message at a later date. It could make sense to turn down the broadcast a little in the beginning, and test out the waters and see your return on investment first. I totally get it, but I can't tell you how many times I get a call about a wrap I just completed and said my good byes too. “Hey, I just pulled into the gas station and handed out two business cards because of this van wrap!” (Pause) “Dude... I haven't even got to my destination yet!” Gives me a smile every time. Oh, and by the way you might want to order more business cards too. I hand them out in fist fulls all the time.

Other than getting a whole lot of attention from your full vehicle wrap you don't have all the permits and fees associated with outdoor advertising. In other words no one telling you that you need to pay them to advertise your brand or company. Yes, contractors and over sized vehicle owners need special licensing like CCB #ers and ODOT compliance, but other than that you are free to do what you want without compromise from a design and review board or some bureaucratic counsel to get their seal of approval. It is quit liberating if you look at it from that point of view... isn't it?

Here are a few examples of half vehicle wraps that we have done in the past. Each have their challenges and how they are being used. Some are looking for a semi-permanent solution, and others can be looking for a temporary campaign driven wrap for a specific event or target product launch. When you give us a call, these are the type of questions I will be asking, because it greatly influences the quote I will be giving to you. Other questions that will probably be asked is:




Let us help you see the potential for your vehicle to advertise your drive everyday you sit in a rush hour commute,stoplight or even parked at your next job site. Addressing your brand is our goal. We believe...correction, I believe a wrapped vehicle is showing your potential customers that you are dressed to impress and ready to show your field of expertise. As you can see half wraps can be quit impressive and still see your brand clearly.

More Coverage Options:

Full Wrap 3/4 Wrap 1/4 Wrap Vinyl Graphics