COVERAGE [Three Quarter Wraps]

Example 3/4 Wrap Image

To help trim some of the cost associated with a full vehicle wrap, you have many options provided to you. I encourage the idea. Why break the bank on your first endeavor into vehicle wraps and graphics and still see results with this form of advertising? Here are some good examples for coverage to expect from a ¾ wrap on your vehicle. You can get the same great results if the design conveys your message clearly. The message can still be strong with the option of a three quarter wrap on your car, truck or van.

When you give us a call, these are the type of questions I will be asking, because it greatly influences the quote I will be giving to you. Other questions that will probably be asked is:




Let us help you see the potential for your vehicle to advertise your drive everyday you sit in a rush hour commute,stoplight or even parked at your next job site. Addressing your brand is our goal. We believe...correction, I believe a wrapped vehicle is showing your potential customers that you are dressed to impress and ready to show your field of expertise. As you can see half wraps can be quit impressive and still see your brand clearly.

More Coverage Options:

Full Wrap 3/4 Wrap 1/4 Wrap Vinyl Graphics