COVERAGE [Vinyl Graphic Wraps]

Summit Painting Truck Graphics

Vehicle vinyl cut graphics is where we started years ago before wrapping vehicles in wrap graphic film was the norm.

Our staple and most popular due to the value associated with vinyl cut graphics. This process the vinyl is already a color and is plotted vs. printed. When we ask for vector art this will be the reason why. Other than its a clean format to reproduce your logo and content. It is also plotable (word? lol) and scales with out lossless to your artwork (no pixel degradation). Some of these examples do have printed cut vinyl but still gives you the idea about how they are implemented into the over all design.

It could make sense to turn down the broadcast a little in the beginning, and test out the waters and see your return on investment first. I totally get it, but I can't tell you how many times I get a call about a wrap I just completed and said my good byes too. “Hey, I just pulled into the gas station and handed out two business cards because of this van wrap!” (Pause) “Dude... I haven't even got to my destination yet!” Gives me a smile every time. Oh, and by the way you might want to order more business cards too. I hand them out in fist fulls all the time.

DSI Vehicle Graphics Image

Here are a few examples of vinyl cut vehicle graphics that we have done in the past. Each have their challenges and how they are being used. Some are looking for a semi-permanent solution, and others can be looking for a temporary campaign driven wrap for a specific event or target product launch. When you give us a call, these are the type of questions I will be asking, because it greatly influences the quote I will be giving to you. Other questions that will probably be asked is:




PDX Inspections Car Graphics

Most vinyl cut graphics last longer then printed film due to the process the film is made and the color in most cases is the vinyl itself. Through and through. The nice thing about vinyl cut graphics is that it easy to change your content as your company grows, changes or adds services. Removal can be fast and with a light detail the vehicle can be ready for resale or personal implementation.

More Coverage Options:

Full Wrap 3/4 Wrap 1/2 Wrap 1/4 Wrap